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The Ultimate Interactive VR tour

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows users to experience virtual environments in real-time using an interactive VR tour. The technology has been used for years by military personnel to train soldiers and civilians alike. Now, it’s being used to create immersive tours of places worldwide. Architects, developers and designers, as well as urban planners, have adopted VR visualization technology to boost their project approval and increase their marketing success

Create an immersive experience with a 360° virtual tour.

If you’re looking to create an immersive experience, then a 360° virtual tour is the perfect solution. 360 Virtual Tour technology allows effortless exploration of the property even if it is under construction and you are thousands of miles away

Add interactivity using AR or MR technology.

There are two main ways to add interactivity to virtual reality experiences: Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). Both technologies work by overlaying computer-generated images onto real world objects. However, AR uses cameras to track the position of the user’s head and overlay the correct image accordingly. In contrast, MR uses headsets with screens displaying real and computer-generated imagery.

Integrate social media into your virtual reality experience.

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It allows us to connect with friends and family, share photos and videos, and even make money through online advertising. By integrating these features into your interactive vr tour, you can provide users with a more immersive experience than just watching a movie or playing a game.

Include a QR code so users can easily share your content.

A QR code is a quick response code that lets users scan a barcode and instantly access a website or app. You can quickly create a QR code and use it to link directly to your social media accounts, websites, apps, and other content. This makes it easy for users to share your content on their own social networks. Why not use a QR code to link to your project interactive vr tour and let your users and followers easily share?


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